“Time for…” family

The five values at the heart of Time for Kids are equally important when thinking about how we can support those around a child or young person…

What is Time for Parents?

When we talk about Time for Kids, part of it’s strength is that we can all understand the values and the aspiration behind them – the values are true for all of us. We all need these things in order to thrive. We all need that human connection, to be able trust in others, a place we belong, hope and a belief in what we can do.

Time for Parents* encourages us to think how we can use these values to think from the perspective of a parent or carer. How can we support parents/carers to better support the children and young people in their care? If we start to think about these values through those different perspectives we can start that chain reaction.

(*although we say “parents”, we mean this in its widest sense – including carers, guardians, grandparents etc. – i.e. the main caregiver in a child or young person’s life!)

What is Time for Practitioners?

Time for Practitioners allows us as professionals to stop and consider what our needs are: What do I need to feel connected to my colleagues? What’s important to me in building trusting relationships with colleagues? Do I have a sense of belonging as a valued team member? Do I believe I have all I need to do my job to my very best?

To use the flight safety analogy, as professionals, we need to make sure we first have our own oxygen masks on, so that we are in a better and more effective position to help and support others. Using the same 5 Time for Kids principles, Time for Practitioners is a reminder – and challenge – that it is just as important that as professionals we also look after ourselves and our needs.